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The Alphabet Jesus Initiative

If you enjoyed sharing our book, Jesus from A to Z, with the children in your life, or have appreciated seeing children gain understanding from its stories and artwork, we would like to ask for your help.

Talking with friends, family, neighbors and community members is still the most effective way to spread the word about a book like this one, in order to make a positive difference for children in our society today.

Our hope is to make this book available to children everywhere through our Alphabet Jesus Initiative. We at Windom Publishing firmly believe that education can change lives and want to give all children the chance to learn to read – and to know of the important stories of the life of Jesus.

The book provides a special way present the stories of Jesus’ life in a non-threatening and child-friendly manner. And through the book, we believe all people – Christians and non-Christians alike – may continue to see the beauty of Jesus’ amazing life and his connection to God.

We believe it is a book that kids and adults both will enjoy, and one that reminds parents of why many of them still want to teach their children basic and important moral tenets, no matter their religious beliefs. Although we believe Jesus from A to Z makes the revered stories and never-ending wonders of the life of Jesus accessible to all readers, it is intended to open the hearts and minds of children and capture their imagination.

To that end, if you are taken with the stories and scenes shared in Jesus from A to Z, we would love to hear from you. Please contact us ( and let us know what you think of the book and what your experiences have been. Your feedback would be appreciated around any positive differences it has made in the live of children (or adults for that matter).

And if you would like to help us with this initiative, here are some other ways you can let others know about the book:

  • Please consider sharing our website address ( with your e-mail lists of friends, family, prayer groups or other people important in your life. Also please consider mentioning the book in various discussion forums, blogs and other places where you connect with people on the Internet.
  • Please consider sharing the book with your church. Talk to your pastor and Sunday school leaders, and encourage them to use it as both a reading tool and for Bible study.
  • Please share news of this book and your thoughts about it on your own website or blog. And please consider posting a promotional jpg (link) on your website.
  • Write a letter to the editor or a review of the book for your local paper or favorite magazine.
  • Share this book with members of groups or clubs that you might belong to, or perhaps present the book as a gift to your daycare provider, church school or elementary school.
  • Mention the book to families who home-school their children.
  • Ask your favorite radio show or webcast to consider interviewing the author on their shows. Many times, media people are attentive to the requests of their listeners.
  • If you own a store or business, please consider putting a display of books or a stack of our book cards (business cards describing the book) on your counter. Additionally, wholesale rates for the book are available at small or large quantities for businesses to help add to their revenue streams.
  • If you know of individuals who have a voice in your community, please ask them if they would consider reviewing the book or commenting on it in their websites and newsletters – or even providing us with an endorsement for the book.
  • Consider purchasing a set of books as gifts to battered women’s shelters, rehabilitation centers, and other places and organizations where children and their parents may benefit from reading the stories together

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