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About Angels

Angels – Angels are God’s helpers who appear at special times. An angel named Gabriel came to tell Mary that she would have a baby and become the mother of Jesus. Other angels told the shepherds to go to the town of Bethlehem to see Jesus the night he was born. Angels appeared at different times in Jesus’ life. They helped bring God’s word to everyone.

Catholic Sign of The Fish

Sign of the Fish – Drawing a simple picture of a fish saved the lives of many Christians after Jesus came back to life and arose to heaven. The Romans were afraid of the power of God. They would hurt people if they caught them talking about Jesus. To be safe, people learned to draw a fish as a secret password. One person scratched the top half of a fish in the dirt. If the other person completed the drawing with another line at the bottom, the fish showed that they both believed in Jesus. Then they knew it was safe to meet and talk about Jesus.

Messiah, King of Nazareth

Donkey – Jesus came back to the city of Jerusalem on a day we now call Palm Sunday. He rode into the city on the back of a small donkey, not in a fancy chariot. Riding a donkey was a humble way for Jesus to return. It showed he came in peace. Many people came and laid palm branches on the road in front of Jesus to welcome him. They loved Jesus and his stories.

Messiah, King of Nazareth

Yahweh – There are many names for God. Some are fun to say, like “Yahweh,” while others are short and simple like “Lord.” Jesus showed people that there is a God, and that God loves the Earth and everything on it – no matter what name he is called. All of Jesus’ miracles and stories told people about the greatness of God, who Jesus said is like a loving parent.

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